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Importance of Amenities in a Housing Society

by admin on July 24, 2021
Importance of Amenities in a Housing Society

How important are Amenities in a Housing Society

Amenities play a major role in choosing of a property, they act as a sort of de-stress centres  and helps you unwind from the hectic life you have been programmed to live. It offers a quality of living and helps bring a faction of community together and help them to engage within themselves, it also diminishes a generation gap by bringing together people from different age groups as elderly people spend their leisure time walking in parks and at the same time kids playing in it too.

Socializing and being a part of a community is very important in an individual’s life, it provides him with a self of belonging, personal safety and helps building relationships and friendships that would keep you grounded in the long run. Other than all the mental well -being it also helps in the physical well-being of a person as most of the amenities consist of gyms, sport courts, spa’s, Etc, which look after the physical welfare of a person and maintains his good health and shape.

Your home shouldn’t just be a place you come to for a nap after a hard day at work, it is entitled to be your own personal sanctuary where you can spend your leisure hours not just to rest but to enjoy, socialise and relish your life, also these amenities not only provide peace to your mind as they have much more advantages than that they are a very important reason for your properties resale value to stay sky high, they are also responsible to attract a large number of suitors to the table if you ever think of renting your property as the newer generations is all about the quality of infrastructure and life. So such facilities are just going to impose positivity in your life.

Now obviously you might think there is got to be catch how can there be no cons, well there actually aren’t many just a little higher maintenance but that should just be a stepping stone to a better social well-being. So overall I would say there are way more do’s than don’ts.

Our project at Kaatyayani Height is to provide amenities that keep you physically and mentally sane:

  1. Landscaped Garden
  2. Children’s Garden Play Area
  3. Library & Computerized Study Center
  4. Multipurpose Hall
  5. Yoga & Meditation Deck
  6. Conventional & Mechanized Car Parking
  7. Indoor Basketball Court
  8. Children’s Garden Play Area
  9. Library & Computerized Study Center
  10. Multipurpose Hall
  11. Yoga & Meditation Deck
  12. Conventional & Mechanized Car Parking

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