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Who We Are

About Starwing Group

Starwing Group was founded in 1989 as a boutique residential construction outfit. With our belief in being true to ourselves and delivering what we promised, we have transformed the dreams of thousands into reality by delivering 22 residential & commercial projects on-time. A few of our notable developments are Kaatyayni Heights, Apurva Residence, Kaatyayni Residency, Kaatyayni Business Centre and so on.

We approach our work with the hope of creating a home for shelter and nurturing the philosophy of honesty & transparency to carry out our business. We always work towards establishing relationships that are genuine and lasting.

starwing mission

Core Values

We believe that to reach towering heights, we need to have strong foundations. That’s why we have always adhered to a set of values that defines us. We are and will always be:

  • Transparent in all our dealings
  • Sure about what we do
  • Modern and dynamic in our thinking and approach
  • Driven by technology and innovation
  • Empathetic, insightful and forward thinking
  • Credible and reliable

As time moves further, we mature along with it. Experience and expertise come hand in hand with steady growth. Hence, our chosen mascot – The Turtle. The turtle epitomizes qualities of persistence, stability and steadfastness. All of which are the keys to unlock the doors of success as we make our way towards our goals.