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Society Redevelopment

Self-Redevelopment of societies is becoming very popular since it is the most economical and a long-term solution for societies facing safety and maintenance issues with their old & obsolete structures. But, due to lack of knowledge and documentation, many societies are not able to initiate society redevelopment on their own.

Considering the present requirement and less awareness of self-redevelopment at large, we at Starwing Developers have decided to extend our knowledge and expertise of 3 decades to societies willing to redevelop their society on their own.

We will help societies to conceptualize, and understand the documentation, procedures and appointment of contractors for their society’s redevelopment. Post receiving the “Society Redevelopment Request Form” along with all required documentation, we will analyse them & suggest the way ahead. Currently we are extending below the mentioned options for society redevelopment:

  1. Free Advice for Self-Redevelopment: Our team of experienced professionals will analyze all the documents submitted by society & share their suggestions with our management. Post receiving the suggestions, we will organize a free technical advice session for 1 hour via Video Conferencing with our “Chairman”. He will guide & share his views with the society’s management committee for self-redevelopment. We are extending this technical guidance free of cost with no commitment from society.
  2. Consultancy Service: We will help & guide societies with the documentation, planning, approvals, appointment of contractors, development loan assistance, stamp duty & registration, selling of additional inventories, etc. Under this service model, we will charge yearly consultancy fees post discussion with society.
  3. Redevelopment with us: Under this model, we will join hands to redevelop society. We will manage all the responsibilities of planning, approval, construction, etc, and ensure the on-time delivery of redeveloped society.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We will consider only completely filled forms with required documents.
  • All video conference meetings will be held on Saturdays only.
  • We will take a minimum of 15 days to analyse the documentation submitted by the societies.
  • We will pre-inform society a week before the said meeting.
  • Once a meeting is fixed, we will not reschedule or change the meeting timings.
  • Currently, we are considering requests from societies located from Borivali to Bandra only.

You can download the attached Redevelopment Form and submit it to us for consideration after filling in the necessary information.