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Housing Problems in Mumbai

by admin on October 2, 2022
Housing Problems in Mumbai

The housing problem in Mumbai is the ever-growing population

Availability of a proper house is a necessity. With the increase in rates, people tend to think that there are no proper houses available for purchase and they tend to rent instead. It isn’t a bad thing but the misconception and false assumption of houses not being available is doing more harm than good. Having a luxurious house with ‘smart’ features in an apartment complex with pools, gardens, gyms, playrooms, cafe, etc. is still a dream for most of the population in India. When thinking of a perfect resident for yourself and your family in India, one place everyone considers to build their house is Mumbai.

Mumbai is arguably the one of the best if not the best place to live in India. Being the financial capital of the country and a home to headquarters of various domestic and international companies, Mumbai provides anyone will an infinite scope of opportunities. People often exclaim that finding a house in Mumbai is almost an impossible task. The statement is partially true considering the availability of less land and sky high rates which tends to clash with the growing population and demands of the people.

Mumbai as a whole is sufficient enough to fulfill the needs and requirements of anyone residing in it. When looking for houses in Mumbai, one should keep in mind the factors related to finding an affordable house since when one is planned and patient then finding a house in budget is not a big deal at all. The housing problems in Mumbai are usually due to the scattered nature of facilities and the vast gaps of amenities and rates between certain locations. There is a way out of both of these problems.

The scattered nature of facilities means that there are different locations which fulfil different requirements. Usually one location may not satisfy all your needs and some adjustments are needed. If one is looking for luxurious well furnished houses at low rates then one can do so but will have to adjust on the location because the rates at the hotspots of Mumbai are much higher for luxurious apartments.

A sacrifice of quality of the house or location is needed. This can be avoided by checking out the development brands and scouting the locations thoroughly. There are some housing brands which provide decent well furnished houses at an affordable rate in key locations. Such developers are tricky to find but they are an important factor in getting a proper resident at an affordable price. A key location in Mumbai will consist of all kinds of transport facilities and will have everything you need on a day to day basis nearby. On the other hand if one is a student or a travelling businessman who needs a key location to make his life easier, even if one is looking for a non luxurious house one will usually have to buy a house which might be a bit over budget. That purchase in long term effects might seem necessary because the time taken to travel otherwise may prove to be crucial sometimes and the money spent on travel often adds up more than expected. To prevent such expenditure one has to try and plan out the most efficient plan to cover his time and needs first.

Once the plan is ready one can easily find key locations for their houses and realise the existence of certain locations which may not seem important utility wise but on a closer look matches all your needs. Such locations are usually around the key locations. At the key locations the demand and prices are very high but at locations which are beside the hotspots are usually slightly more affordable and match all the needs without too much of adjusting.

The housing problems in Mumbai are ever growing because of the growing population and it is due to this reasons that builders are working harder than ever. There are tons of projects currently active and such active projects aim to provide the best amenities and fulfil the modern needs of the people. The prices of such in-progress flats are very cheap and once completed they are going at much higher rates. If a person buys such flats early, then the flat is not only a fantastic investment for that person but also a future security. The housing problems in Mumbai are increasing day by day but that is only on the surface. When one can properly assess the situation and find the correct development brands then one can get the best deals at the best locations.


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