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Guidelines and Documents to check before buying a property in Mumbai

by admin on March 30, 2022
Guidelines and Documents to check before buying a property in Mumbai

Buying Residential Property in Mumbai is a dream come true. To get value for money, it is required that you take full care and try checking each and every aspect of the project before booking the property.

Here are the guidelines point to point to consider. A real estate consultant may help but the best advice to look after this is to hire an expert lawyer who will guide you well. Below is just a brief support guiding what to have when buying a property.

Documents required for buying a property are as follows:

1. Draft Agreement – Sale Deed. It is created by the buyer’s lawyer.

2. Property owner’s original agreement – You can see this agreement and also take a copy of it.

3. Earlier sale deeds/sale documents if the case is of reselling.

4. Share Certificate of the society.

5. Bills such as of electricity, telephone.

6. Flat’s measurements/survey report.

7. O.C. stating that the flat is not having any pending dues or liabilities to the society.

8. In case of a new construction, B.M.C. approved architect’s plan.

9. Redevelopment agreement between the Society and the Developer – This is required when you go to purchase a property under construction redevelopment property.

10. Certificate of Commencement.

11. Certificate of Completion.

12. Land information – like M.H.A.D.A, M.M.R.D.A, Freehold Land, Leasehold Land, etc.

13. NOC from the builder to buy investor’s flat.

14. Public notice in the newspaper on buying property in Mumbai is highly suggested. It could be one in English language and one in local language. This notice safeguards a buyer’s interest in case you find any problem over the purchased property.

15. Title note – A lawyer will provide a legal note after getting satisfied.

16. Ready Reckoner Rates in order to check that the property is purchased according to the government’s determined values.

17. Power of Attorney.

18. Sanctioned building plan.

19. Copy of Possession letter from builder/developer.

20. Occupancy Certificate.

Where are these documents available?

Mostly, seller or developer will have these documents. In-case original documents are not accessible, then the government help is needed. Registrar’s office may help with the duplicate copies.

1. Engagement of the Government Authority

2. For the registration of the document, sub-registrar’s office is required.

3. The Buyer should try to have a talk with the Society Committee

Buying a property in Mumbai will require some/most of these documents, subjecting on case to case. If one is thinking to go for a bank loan, then the bank will take care of all the paperwork. It will affirm that the property that the one is planning to buy is not having any controversy as the bank does not want to support a property which is under any trouble.

Documents required before buying a property that is under construction:

1. Land Record – Is the most important document, providing information of ownership, title, obligations, rights, mortgage etc. You should not go for a property with unclear title. In many cases, builders or individuals sell flats without carrying the land ownership. Ultimately, the buyer suffers. Therefore, land records must be checked with the builder.

2. Land use type – It is not legal to have residential properties in a commercial or industrial sector. You can approach the development authority to verify the land use certificate to confirm that the property you are deciding to buy is falling under the residential section.

3. Construction Clearances – A Commencement Certificate is necessary to start any property construction. This certificate by the concerned authorities will only be given after examining documents like title, layout plans etc.

4. Building / Layout Plan Approvals – If the builder is not able to provide you this, then it is recommended that you should not go for such property. You should not rely even on draft plans for booking.

5. Master Plan of the Area – Builders try to spread the news of their false future developments through newspapers. Later, they would try to advertise these news in their sales brochures. You should always see at the area’s master plan to check. The town planning department or authority will help you to have a look at these plans.

6. No Objection Certificates and other Clearances – NOC’s are required from various divisions in order to create a residential building. Like NOC from the Fire Department, NOC from the State pollution control board etc.

7. Booking Form, Allotment Letter and Builder Buyer Agreement.

Buying a property, especially in Mumbai is like a dream come true. it is vital to know what documents to be checked before buying a property, whether a ready one or a property that is under construction.


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